Mirakl App for Zendesk Integration

The Mirakl app by Juble.io enables seamless integration between Mirakl marketplaces and Zendesk Support. With this powerful integration, you can streamline your customer support operations and deliver exceptional service to your Mirakl customers.

Key Features

  • Retrieve customer messages and inquiries from multiple Mirakl marketplaces directly into Zendesk Support.

  • View comprehensive order details, including order status, product information, and delivery details.

  • Empower support agents with relevant order and customer information to make informed decisions.

  • Enable click-through actions to navigate directly from Zendesk Support to the Mirakl platform.

  • Manage an unlimited number of Mirakl marketplace accounts within Zendesk.

Get started today and enhance your customer support capabilities with the Mirakl app by Juble.io.

Disclaimer: Mirakl is a registered trademark of Mirakl Inc. This application is developed by Juble.io and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mirakl Inc.

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