Application Summary

Manage your Walmart customer messages and orders seamlessly within Zendesk. Our application integrates Walmart's messaging system with Zendesk, allowing you to retrieve and respond to customer messages directly in your Zendesk platform.

Key Features

  • Retrieve and respond to Walmart customer messages within Zendesk

  • Effortlessly handle an unlimited number of Walmart accounts

  • Streamline order management with easy refund and cancellation options


  • Simplify your Walmart customer interactions

  • Centralize all customer support activities in Zendesk

  • Enhance efficiency and productivity

  • Provide seamless customer experiences

Experience the power of our Walmart integration and revolutionize your customer support workflow.

Get started with Walmart by today!

Disclaimer: Walmart is a registered trademark owned by their respective company. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Walmart.

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