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Advanced settings

The Mirakl app provides advanced settings for customizing your message handling preferences.

Reply option

  • Default:
    • When a customer sends a message to the shop, the reply is sent to the customer with the operator copied.
    • When the operator sends a message to the shop, the reply is sent to the operator only, without copying the customer.
    • If the operator sends a message to the shop with the customer copied, the reply is sent to both the operator and the customer.
  • Always Reply to Operator and Customer: Messages are always replied to both operators and customers, ensuring both parties stay informed.
  • Always Reply to Customer Only: Messages are exclusively replied to customers, limiting operator involvement.

Shop id

You can set your Shop ID here to ensure messages are directed correctly, especially when managing multiple shops within your Mirakl account. Leave this field empty if not applicable.


Specify your role as an Operator or Shop. This helps the app adapt its message handling to your specific needs. Messages are imported differently based on your chosen role.
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